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Thirty-three chess players competed October 24 in the 19th annual Trick or Treat Mini-Swiss chess tournament. The three round tournament was held in the Benes Room of Ohio Wesleyan University's Hamilton Williams Campus Center. Greg Saiter directe the event using Swiss Sys software for pairings and reporting.

Allan BennettThree chess Masters participated in this United States Chess Federation rated event and two of them tied for first place. Scott Ramer and Allan Bennett each won two games and drew each other to share in the top section's $75 prize money.

In Section B, Blair Koman, Newark, received $50 for his two ins and one draw. Maggie Feng, who is 10-years-old and ranked 57th of U.S. girls under 16, Brad Hoehne, Columbus, and Roy Dotson, Marysville, split $25 for their 2-1 records.

In Section C, Robert Pfeifer was undefeated and received $50 for his 3-0 score. Annorjan Naguleswaran and OWU student Devon Purtz split $25 for their 2-1 records.

In Section D, Anthony Thomas received $50 for his perfect 3-0 record. Om Barker collected $25 for his 2.5-0.5 record.

Richard Vail donated a $50 Visa debit card for a drawing. Chuck Diebert was the lucky winner. Annorjan Naguleswaren garnered a $10 gift certificate to Starbucks. Also, Bishops Chess Club advisor Tom Wolber saw to it that free coffee and doughnuts were provided at the outset of the tournament.


Nine chess players competed March 7th in the 18th annual Ides of March Mini-Swiss chess tournament. The three-round chess tournament was held in the Benes Room of Ohio Wesleyan's Hamilton Williams Campus Center.

Allan Bennett, a Master, won all three of his games and received $50. Chuck Dibert, Marcus Blann, Bob Bainter, and Roy Dotson tied for second place and split $25.



Team Champion

Individual Champion

2nd Place

Other prizes

Ohio State University
Sinan Murat Baughman (Columbus State Community College) Ryan Schwiebert (Ohio University) Class D <medallion> Class B: Viktor Kitsis(Ohio State<medallion>; Class E/Unrated: Devon Purtz (Ohio Wesleyan)<medallion>, Mason Korb (Ohio University)
Ohio State University
Andrew Jetter (University of Cincinnati) Tony Rotella (Case Western Reserve) Class A <medallion>, Peter June (Case Western Reserve) Class B: Philip Green (Ohio University)<medallion>, Jeff Lindquist (Ohio State), Jason Gordon (Ohio State); Class C: Rick Marshall (Ohio State)<medallion>; Class D: Vikram Kirikera (University of Cincinnati)<medallion>; Eric DeWees (Ohio State)<medallion>
Case Western Reserve University
Phillip Seitzer <trophy> (Case Western Reserve) & Peter June <Class A medallion> (Case Western Reserve)   Class A: Daniel Chancey III (Franklin University), Class B: Michael Davidson (Case Western Reserve) <medallion> & William George (Case Western Reserve), Class C: Sam Valerius (Ohio Wesleyan), Class D: Kevin Grimes (Case Western Reserve), Class E/Unrated: Muhit Ince (Ohio Wesleyan)
Case Western Reserve University
Ananth Pappu (Ohio State) Jared Hickle (Ohio State) <Class B medallion> Class A: Phillip Seitzer (Case Western Reserve), Class B: Boris Dvorkin (Case Western Reserve) & William George (Case Western Reserve), Class C: Eric Lee (Case Western Reserve), Class D: Sam Valerius (Ohio Wesleyan), Class E/Unrated: Chris Tanner (Case Western Reserve)<medallion> & Kevin Grimes (Case Western Reserve)
Ohio State University
Undrahbuyan Baasanjav <trophy> (Ohio University) & Seth Rokosky (Ohio State)   Expert medallion: Scott Leo Ramer ( Ohio State), Class A: Jake Lennon (Ohio State), Class B: Mark Ryan (Univ of Toledo), Class C: Jason Gordon (Ohio State), Class D: Jonathan Bohland (Univ of Toledo), Class E/Unrated: Sam Valerius (Ohio Wesleyan) <medallion> & Will Kirby (Columbus State)
Ohio University
Matt Rosen (Miami University) John Borczon (Ohio University) Class A: Johnny Sadoff (Kenyon), Class B: Donald Misquitta (Kent State), Class D: Ryan Schwiebert (Ohio University), Class E/Unrated: Igor Melnykov (Bowling Green)
Ohio State University
Undrahbuyan Baasanjav (Ohio University) Carl Brandon Boor (Ohio State), Mike Simmons (Ohio State), and Jason Gordon (Ohio State) Class D: Ryan Schwiebert (Ohio University), Class E/Unrated: Alf Illingworth (University of Akron)
Ohio State & Ohio Wesleyan
Radu Murgescu (Ohio Wesleyan)
Justin Notter (Columbus State) 3rd: Carl Brandon Boor (Ohio State)


Ohio State University

Carl Brandon Boor (Ohio State)

Radu Murgescu (Ohio Wesleyan), and Kris Bertoglio (Ohio Wesleyan)



Ohio Wesleyan

Radu Murgescu (Ohio Wesleyan)

Mark Chiminiello (Ohio State), Jay Babka (Owens CC), and Kris Bertoglio (Ohio Wesleyan)



Ohio Wesleyan

Radu Murgescu (Ohio Wesleyan)

Jeff Kelleher (Cleveland State) 3rd: Kalpesh Asher and Charlie Custer (Ohio Wesleyan), Matthew Erwin (Columbus State CC)


Ohio Wesleyan

Jeff Kelleher (Cuyahoga Community College)

Kalpesh Asher (Ohio Wesleyan) 3rd: Grant Peacock (Ohio Wesleyan)

Ohio Wesleyan University vs. Kenyon College chess match results

Date Location OWU-Kenyon
Fall 2001 OWU 6-2
Fall 1999 Kenyon 8-2
Fall 1998 OWU 4.5-7.5
Spring 1998 Kenyon 3-3
Fall 1997 OWU 2.5-9.5
Spring 1997 Kenyon 2-8
Fall 1996 OWU 4-12
Spring 1996 Kenyon 6.5-3.5
Fall 1995 OWU 6.5-5.5
Spring 1995 Kenyon 2-7
Spring 1994 OWU 2-6
Fall 1991 OWU 2.5-9.5
Spring 1991 Kenyon 6-6

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